Recreation Program FAQ's

Recreation Access Permits Frequently Asked Questions

Please use the following information to help answer your questions on the Green Diamond Resource Company Recreation Access Permit Program. If you have questions that are not answered here, please email

Who’s doing this?

Green Diamond Resource Company’s Recreation Access Permit Program offers motorized vehicle and non-motorized access to over 120,000 acres of its private timberlands in Western Washington. This offers an exclusive recreation experience year-round.

Green Diamond also offers permit holders passes to its exclusive Mason Lake Recreation Area. An annual fee of $200 provides access to the campground; campsite and shelter rental fees will be charged in addition to the permit fee.

What does the Recreation Access Permit allow me to do?

A motorized permit allows a permit holder to legally enter the recreation area with their vehicle. A non-motorized permit allows a permit holder to park outside the recreational area and walk, bike or ride a horse inside the locked area. The area is closed to individuals not holding permits.


As population grows in central Puget Sound and throughout Western Washington, Green Diamond has seen considerable increased interest in recreating on its private forest lands. Some areas are suffering from overuse. Green Diamond’s program provides high quality recreation experiences for a limited number of users. This allows us to manage public access, improve security on all our lands and make other investments towards improving the recreation experience.

When does it start?

The permit season starts annually on September 1 and runs until August 30 of the following year.

Where is the permit area?

Approximately 120,000 acres in Western Washington are offered in the program. Please refer to maps provided on the main recreation program page under “Maps” for specific information.

What are the costs?

  • Motorized Permits: $400.00
  • Second car: $50.00
  • ORV permit: $50.00 (Must have motorized permit – see dirt bikes, etc., below.)
  • Non-Motorized Family Permits: $150.00
  • Non-Motorized Individual Permits: $100.00
  • Day Pass: $20 per additional person (only available with Non-Motorized Permit and must be restricted to non-consumptive use)
  • Mason Lake Recreation Area Pass: $200.00

Do you offer daily permits for purchase?

Yes, however only a current non-motorized permittee can purchase daily permits for their guests. Permittee must be present with their guests on the day the permit is used.

When can I purchase my annual permit?

A 2022-23 motorized permit holder will be able to purchase a 2023-24 motorized permit in early January. We will announce the exact time/date via email. The remaining motorized permits will go on sale to the general public on the first Monday, in May, at 8 am.

How do I purchase my annual permit?


Motorized or non-motorized permits are available with a credit card and through our online platform only.

Go to and complete the permit request forms and purchase process. For those who cannot pay with a credit card, please email us at for potential alternatives. 

Please allow two weeks for permit processing. Please refer to Motorized Permit and Non-Motorized Permit sections of this form for additional instructions.

Motorized Permits:

Motorized permit sales are limited in order to provide an exclusive and enjoyable recreation experience. Permits include spouses or legal domestic partner and their children/grandchildren under age 21.  Other family members and friends must have their own permit to legally enter the Recreation Access Permit Area.

You are required to carry your permit with you while on the property.   Do not block gates or roads. Green Diamond Resource Company will remove any vehicle blocking a gate or road at the owner’s expense. Motorized permit holders are not allowed to transport non-motorized permit holders while on property at any time.

Non-motorized Permits:

If you choose a non-motorized permit, it must be carried with you while on the property. You will be able to print your own permit. Please place a second copy of the permit on the vehicle dash, if parking outside the gate area. Do not block a gate or service road. Green Diamond Resource Company will remove any vehicle blocking a gate or service road at the owner’s expense. Non-motorized permit holders may not ride in any motorized vehicle while on the property. 

I am disabled. Do I need a permit for my hunter companion?

A person with a state-approved disabled hunter permit must annually purchase a recreational access permit to enter the Permit Area. If the disabled hunter requires a hunter companion to assist them in the stalking, shooting, tracking, retrieving, or tagging of game birds and game animals, the hunter companion is NOT required to purchase an access permit. The hunter and their companion must complete a disabled hunter application in person at Green Diamond Resource Company, 215 N Third, Shelton, WA 98584. Appointments can be made by calling 360-426-3381. In addition to the other information needed, disabled hunters must bring disabled hunting license & placard, the companion’s hunting license, and photo ID. The hunter companion will be required to sign a waiver to accompany the disabled hunter without a permit. If the companion wants to hunt his/her own tag, then a separate recreation permit must be purchased; this must be done online. There is a $50 admin processing fee per disabled hunter.

How do I obtain a map of the permit area?

Maps can be viewed and printed from the website at You will receive a map with your permit package. Additional maps can be printed off the website.

How does a permit holder access the permit area?

Access points are marked on Recreation Permit Area maps. Motorized permit holders will receive a key to the area; keys are changed annually. Additional gates throughout the recreation permit area will be locked and inaccessible to motorized entry. Permit holders can park outside these points and walk, bicycle or ride horses in the Recreation Access Permit Area, as long as they have their permits on their person.

Is camping allowed in the permit area?

Yes. Any person accessing the property for camping must have a current Motorized or Non-motorized Recreation Access Permit. The signed permits and photo ID must be in the possession of the permit holder. Please refer to the Camping Rules and Regulations section of the Rules and Regulations document for additional information.

Will the lands be open year round?

Permit holders should be aware that the Recreation Access Permit Area is a working forest and ongoing management activities may occur. There are periods during harvest activities or extreme fire conditions that the area, or portions of the area, may be closed. In addition, Green Diamond may, on occasion, schedule special recreational events on the property. It is recommended that you check the status of the permit area at prior to deciding whether or not to make a trip there.

What about fire season?

The weather is difficult to predict, but almost every year we can count on several days or weeks of ‘fire weather’ or weather where the moisture is very low. Under state law, we have a responsibility to protect private forestland so there may be times during the summer and/or fall when the property is completely closed. Please see the web site at, or call during business hours at 360/426-3381, for updated information on closures. Green Diamond also provides general information on fire closures for its entire land base in local media, via a dedicated phone message line at 360/427-3351, and online at

May I cut firewood?

From time to time, firewood cutting opportunities become available within the Recreation Access Permit Area, only Motorized Recreation Access Permit holders will be authorized to cut firewood free of charge for personal use (5 cords or less) within designated firewood cutting areas inside the permit area. Information about firewood cutting within the permit area will be available online at If firewood cutting areas are available, notice will be posted to along with directions and/or a map of the area. The information will also be available at Green Diamond’s Shelton, Wash., office.

May I hunt or fish?

Yes. All hunting in the Permit Area shall be conducted with a current and valid hunting license issued by the State of Washington and in compliance with the applicable tags, seasons, limits, and other regulations adopted and enforced by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Under no circumstances shall any hunting be conducted pursuant to the hunting regulations of an Indian tribe.

Can I target shoot?

Target shooters should know and understand that discharge of a fire arm or bow by them is a potentially dangerous condition that is their own responsibility and subject to their control. Target shooters assume all risk and liability associated with their activities on Green Diamond land including injury to themselves or third parties or property damage arising from their discharge of a fire arm or bow.

Targets may be set up and used on Green Diamond land using a safe, bermed backdrop with no possibility for escape of bullets, arrows, or shot.  No exploding targets or incendiary ammunition, as defined in RCW 76.04.005, may be used at any time. Users should be acutely aware of their surroundings and should set up targets to ensure safety.  Users should clean up after themselves and leave no trace. If a Green Diamond rock pit or other area is posted with “No Shooting” signs, shooting is prohibited.

Can I ride my vehicle off road?

No. All permitted vehicles must stay on existing roads.

Can I ride my dirt bike, 4-wheeler, e-bike or snowmobile?

The permit area is open to motorcycles on roads only September 1 through May 31. ORV permits must accompany motorized access permits and cost $50 each and can be purchased on line. Other off-road vehicles (ORVs, including UTVs) are limited to select areas of the permit area. Please review the 2021 Recreational Area map for specifics. E-bikes are not allowed on Green Diamond Recreation property.

The Puget Sound Enduro Riders lease an access area on Green Diamond land for motorcycle and other off-road vehicle use. Please access their website for more information at

Motorcycle clubs lease access areas on Green Diamond land for motorcycle and other off-road vehicle use. Please access their websites for more information at or

Can I build a campfire?

Yes, in appropriate areas outside of the season for high fire danger. Permittees shall comply with all federal and state laws and regulations regarding campfires. Permitted campers must build their own fire rings or use those previously established. Fire rings may not exceed 3 feet in diameter. All fires must be extinguished before leaving the camp site.

Can I ride my horse?

Yes. You can ride your horse with a motorized or non-motorized permit. At no time should your vehicle or trailer block a gate or service road. Green Diamond Resource Company will remove any vehicle blocking a gate or service road at the owner’s expense.

Can I pick berries and mushrooms?

Yes. These can be picked for personal use only up to 5 gallons per visit. Commercial harvesting is not allowed. Please note however, that Green Diamond Resource Company reserves the right to sell commercial harvest permits for their lands and commercial harvesters may be present in the Recreation Access Permit area.

Can I cut a Christmas tree?

No! These are working forest lands. No cutting of trees is permitted for any reason.

What if I sell my vehicle, replace my windshield, or want to add a second vehicle?

If you need a replacement sticker or want to add a second vehicle to your permit, please log into your account and purchase a "second vehicle" option ($50 when purchased online).

Permits are non-transferrable and revocable:

Permits are non-transferrable. Green Diamond Resource Company reserves the right to refuse sale to any individual. Permits holders shall obey all Rules and Regulations. Permits can be revoked at any time if permit holder fails to uphold these policies. All sales are final.

Will you sell my personal information that I give when I buy a permit?

No. Your personal information will be protected and not sold or given away for any reason.  Your permit and vehicle information will be shared with security and select law enforcement personnel. We may use your email address to update you on closures or changes to the program, and to respond to any questions you may have.

What if I lose my key or permit?

If you lose your permit or your key during the season and wish to continue to have access to the recreation area, a new permit with a new key must be purchased at the original purchase price. Lost permits or keys will NOT be replaced free of charge.

What happens if I break the rules?

All rules and regulations are strictly enforced. If you are caught breaking the rules, Green Diamond Resource Company reserves the right to revoke your permit at any time.

What if I find someone else breaking the rules? (THE REWARDS PROGRAM)

Green Diamond offers a cash reward of up to $500 for information leading to arrest and prosecution of criminal activity on Green Diamond land.  Targeted activities include littering and garbage dumping, trespass, theft of timber and other forest products, and unlawful use of off-road vehicles. To report criminal activity, please call 360/427-4090, a secure message phone.  Callers are asked to leave method of reply so that leads may be followed up.

The Rewards Program is not a product promotion and it is not an invitation, inducement, or permit granting access to Green Diamond property.  The decision to provide Green Diamond with information on potential criminal activity occurring on Green Diamond property is voluntary and does not create a contract between Green Diamond and the person providing information.  Green Diamond reserves full discretion to determine whether to reward a person who provides information on potential criminal activity and the amount of any such reward. Green Diamond cannot guarantee the anonymity of a person who discloses their identity when providing information on potential criminal activity because such information, including witness identity, may be referred to appropriate law enforcement officials for investigation and prosecution.  The following persons are not eligible for property protection rewards from Green Diamond: persons under the age of 18, employees of Green Diamond and their immediate family members, persons who trespass on Green Diamond property, and persons who aid, abet, assist, or participate in criminal activity on Green Diamond property.

What about other Green Diamond lands?

Other areas of Green Diamond ownership will continue to be managed under Green Diamond’s current public access policy, in which Green Diamond signs bearing red dots are posted at gates indicating no motorized vehicles are allowed. Visitors may walk, ride bikes or horses on Green Diamond property outside of the Recreation Access Permit Area. During recognized hunting seasons some gates on other Green Diamond property will be opened and green dots placed on signs, indicating the area is open for motorized vehicles.

I have another question. Whom may I contact?

Email for more information.

Updated: 12/23/2022